VidjilNet Consortium

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Gathering onco-hematological laboratories and research centers, the VidjilNet consortium is dedicated to

  • sustain and support open-source development of the Vidjil web platform, the underlying Vidjil-algo component, and possibly other software to study immune repertoires, by adapting them to the needs of members;
  • provide bioinformatics support and services to the members for these software, whether for clinical purpose or for hematological or immunological research.
The consortium works into a quality approach concerning both software development and testing, the relationship with its members, and ethics on health data processing.

VidjilNet is incubated in the Inria Foundation since January 2018.



Why join the consortium?
  • show your interest in the Vidjil platform, deciding collectively on its major developments and participating in the membership community, both on the user side and on the developer side;
  • benefit from member-only services: installation, training and support by a bioinformatician engineer, development of functionalities, remote maintenance of a server or hosting on a shared server, transfer of data and backup configuration.

Hospital laboratories as well as research groups who wish to support the project are welcome to join, even if they do not perform analyzes in a clinical setting. The Inria Foundation can also receive donations for the VidjilNet consortium.

Download the 2019 Membership Agreement.

Ask your questions to Mathieu, Mikaël and Florian:

Minimal Memberhsip 3 000 € / year (before VAT)
  • < 50 samples per year
  • 1 user
Standard Membership laboratory 10 000 € / year (before VAT)
  • < 300 samples per year
  • one group of users from a same laboratory
Shared or Support Membership 25 000 € / year (before VAT)
  • < 1000 samples per year
  • several users, several groups, several laboratories
Support for 100 other samples 3 000 € (before VAT)